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As piano removals experts, we can help to take care of moving your piano across London and the surrounding areas. Piano moving is a complex challenge and one that requires a professional approach. Furthermore, it also requires a team of removal experts who have the correct training and experience required to deliver our range of services with precision and accuracy. We have experience in dealing with a range of different moves, so whether we need to navigate tight staircases or removals from upper floors, we can take care of it all.

Our Piano Moving Service Includes:


Grand Piano Removals

Moving any kind of piano requires the right planning and a professional approach that delivers results. This is why we are the ideal fit when it comes to moving your grand piano. The process of moving a grand piano has to take into account any challenges and problems. Furthermore, we also have access to the right equipment including lifts, hoists and dolly’s, all of which enable our team of specialists to undertake the move with confidence.

We will also remove all necessary parts and use the correct protective materials that ensure your piano remains protected throughout the move. We have the ability to remove and replace windows and doors in order to gain access where required. Whatever it takes, we are confident that we can handle your grand piano move and deliver satisfaction.

Upright Piano Removals

We appreciate that there are significant differences between moving a grand piano and an upright piano. However, we make sure that we implement a moving plan that will handle the moving of your upright piano. We will use all necessary packing materials and even remove doors and windows should access become a problem. Where required, we will use a dolly to assist with the move but we also have other specialist equipment at our disposal, ensuring your upright piano is moved and loaded into our vehicle with care.


Piano Moving Checklist

Piano removal is a process that is complicated and in the same way as all other removals, it’s important that the right process is followed to ensure a safe and efficient experience. As London piano removals, we will help you take care of the process by providing you with a simple checklist:

  • Only hire professional piano movers
  • Check that your movers have adequate insurance
  • Make sure no items are left on your piano
  • Leave the piano in its current location
  • Ensure that the piano is clean
  • Take pictures of its condition prior to moving
  • Make sure you have a clear path to the entrance
  • Ensure that your pets are in a secure location while the move is in progress

Once everything is in place, we can then begin the process of moving your piano.

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