Packing Boxes


At K1 Removals, we understand that moving can prove to be a stressful process. Furthermore, it has to fit around your busy lifestyle which can mean that you might struggle to find time to pack. This is a process that takes time and planning but it can also prove to be too much effort too and so, we aim to offer a movers and packers London service that takes care of it all. Our moving & packing team can take care of packing your belongings safely, so they are prepared for onward safe transportation. Our service is designed to offer convenience while saving you time and effort.

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It’s now more than ever, important to ensure that we do our bit to help the environment. Furthermore, we understand that our clients want to take care of this too so we provide our packing service with an environmentally friendly approach. We use packing materials that are designed to be recycled once they have been used. Whether it’s storage crates, packing cases or any other packing materials, we are committed to ensuring we take care of your needs. What’s more, all of our moving and packing materials are designed to look after your belongings, so we never compromise on quality either.

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Of course, moving your belongings might mean that you want to take care of everything yourself. If this is the case then you are still going to need to think about finding the right packing materials and that can prove a challenge. Salvaging old boxes won’t be the best solution for storing your belongings and fragile items while handling clothing, appliances and more can prove challenging. However, we are on hand to provide all of the packing materials that you might need and that means that you only have to focus on packing your items and not sourcing the materials, giving you one less thing to think about.


If you choose to use our packing service then you will benefit from our expertise and professionalism. Our team of packing experts have executed a large number of London moves and this means that we are well-equipped and prepared to take care of your needs.

We can place all clothing in special wardrobe cartons that ensure your clothing remains hanging during transportation. We also offer protective bags for sofas, chairs and all other soft furnishings. Furthermore, we can also take care of appliances such as televisions with soft bags. We can even take care of packing your fragile items too, making sure they are ready for transportation and arrive in one piece.


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