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Carrying out flat or apartment removals can often require further planning than standard removes. This is because it requires the logistical details that enable the move to take place with precision. At K1 Removals, we have experience undertaking all aspects of flat removals which means that we are the right fit for you. Every project is planned with accuracy, taking into account any potential access problems and of course, removing belongings from floors on upper levels.

We undertake a detailed assessment and instil confidence in our clients because we can confidently undertake your move reliably and responsibly. Our experts ensure that they put all the necessary equipment in place and execute your flat removal in a way that saves you stress and effort.

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What sets us apart is our ability to put you in control. You can either let us take care of the entire process which includes packing and transporting your items or you can take care of the packing while leaving us to take care of the heavy lifting and moving. We are experts in executing flat removals because we have a team of dedicated experts who have experience. With their planning, their proactive approach and our ability to make your move a success, you won’ need to look anywhere else.

We have covered a huge array of flat removals and they are all unique. Therefore, we are well-positioned to give you the confidence to put your trust in us.

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We do it by calling on our experience and by working closely with our clients. We make sure that we attend your property beforehand to assess your building and flat or apartment, identifying any potential problems while seeking solutions. We will then utilise the right vehicles for the job and the right equipment that allows us to work efficiently and safely while taking care of your belongings.

With our support and professionalism, you can take a hands-off approach to your entire move and let K1 Removals ease the burden. Our prices are competitive and affordable, giving you a cost-effective solution for dealing with the moving process. Whether it’s a local or national move, we can handle it with ease and to the high standards that set us apart.


While removing your items from your property and unloading them at your new property is all part of the process, the transportation is where things require attention. We load our vehicles methodically and take care of your items throughout the process. They are stacked carefully, are secured in place and with the right packing materials, will arrive at their destination in one piece.

The removal process can seem challenging for our clients but with us by their side, they won’t have to worry about a thing.


Our quality domestic removal service is first choice in the UK. No Matter what the size is, our team can cater for your requirements.


K1 Removal’s commercial removal service can assist you every step of the way through your commercial


We are specialises in International removals, with wide experience in shipping household and commercial items and possessions.


Our team offer a fantastic, secure containerised storage facility and self-storage units for those items that you need regularly, easy to access.