Nice Places to Live in London by Region

Looking to move to London or a new area of London? Fortunately, this vibrant city has so much to offer, making it one of the best places to live. You can have a pick of many different nice places to live in London. So whether you are a young professional, have a family or want to try something new, we believe that you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to looking for a new property and borough in London.

Best Place to Live in London by Region

West London

1. Fulham

Fulham is a place that has plenty of green spaces but also offers a true riverside lifestyle, making it the ideal home for many. It has an abundance of leisure facilities and you will find an array of schools to choose from in the area including the London Oratory School and the Lady Margaret C of E School. There are plenty of Victorian properties available while there are new developments in the area too with the average property price sitting at £1,171,313. The place is a hive of activity with shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants as well as lots of outdoor areas, while it does have an above-average crime rate.

2. Richmond Upon Thames

If you’re looking for nice places in London to live then this might be it. Here you will find plenty of period homes that have an average price of £1,037,236. It is considered to be an affluent area with good transport links and plenty of shops, modern restaurants, bars, and cafes. There is a real community feel here, consisting of 23 primary schools, 4 secondary schools, and lots of open space. As far as crime goes, it is considered to be the safest borough in London making it ideal for professionals and young families to purchase a property.

3. Chiswick

If you are looking for a good blend of amenities, transport links, and plenty to do, then Chiswick is the place to find your next home. The average price of a home in this borough is relatively high with the price being £1,033,114. It is a well-connected borough, making it easy to get around thanks to excellent train links and buses while the M25 is also close by. If education is a priority then there are many primary schools that have an excellent reputation to pick from and this includes both primary and secondary schools. The Thames path is a great place to explore with family while Chiswick common is also ideal for those who like to eat out or enjoy an evening of drinks as there are plenty of options to choose from. The average crime rate in the area is considered average or medium.

Central London

1. Kensington and Chelsea

Kensington and Chelsea in London is an affluent area which means that is the ideal place to live for those who are wealthy and highly successful. As you would expect, property here is extremely expensive with the average property price being £2,326,357. You won’t struggle to get around either, as the transport links are excellent, putting you in touch with some of London’s best attractions. You will also have access to luxury shops and restaurants along with bars and cafes. There is no shortage of leisure facilities and although there is only a small amount of green areas to enjoy, you can enjoy the likes of Kensal Green and Kensington Gardens. You’ll also discover some of London’s best schools with a variety of primary and secondary schools as well as colleges too. If you are wondering about crime then it is still exposed to high crime rates given that it is one of London’s most affluent areas.

2. Wembley

Wembley is a town with plenty to shout about and it is a place that is an eclectic mix of entertainment and culture. You’ll find plenty of restaurants and bars while there is no shortage of shops and cafes too, not forgetting the world-famous Wembley Stadium. There are plenty of generated areas for young professionals while there are traditional properties to choose from too, although the average house price is £485,349 making it one of the cheaper places to live in London. There is no shortage of green spaces to enjoy while you have excellent transport links that put you in touch with the city of London. When it comes to schools, you’ll find an excellent selection of primary schools, secondary schools and colleges while the crime rate is considered average when compared to other places in London.

3. Lewisham

Lewisham is considered to be a desirable place to settle as it is within easy reach of the city and it provides you with the chance to find a home in a suburban area. It is popular with young professionals and families due to the lower than average house price with the average house price reaching £529,110. You’ll never struggle to get around here as you can access Lewisham Station which can take you into the city centre in a matter of minutes while there are plenty of bus routes too. For those who are concerned about schools, there is no need to be concerned here as there are 83 primary schools and a large number of secondary schools to choose from. There is no shortage of shops thanks to Lewisham Shopping Centre, while there are restaurants that cater to all along with bars and pubs too. For those who like to keep active, you can explore Hilly Fields, and Manor House Gardens while Glass Mill Leisure Centre is certain to keep you busy. As far as crime is concerned, Lewisham is considered to have an average crime rate.

North London

1. Camden

Camden has so much to offer as it is one of the most diverse areas to live in London. It is a melting pot of cultures and this is why you should consider being located here. There are many different properties to choose from although the average property price is £1,114,876 making it one of the pricier parts of London. You will find the famous Camden Market as well as London Zoo nearby along with a wealth of restaurants, bars, and cafes. Furthermore, there are plenty of schools to choose from with many primary schools and secondary schools to choose from. When it comes to choosing where to live in London, crime rates play a part and Camden has one of the highest crime rates in London.

2. Islington

Islington is one of London’s smallest boroughs but it does offer an eclectic choice of housing with the average price sitting at £917,517. It has a community feel which is why it is one of the best places to live in London while it boasts markets, boutique shops, restaurants as well as bars, and cafes. The area is extremely well connected with both overground and underground transport while there are plenty of gyms and a great choice of parks and green spaces. The schools in the area have an excellent rating with a good choice of primary schools and secondary schools. However, as it is located in inner London, crime rates can sit quite high.

East London

1. Hackney

Hackney is an urban area with lots of cultures and a large amount of green space to enjoy. For anyone looking for a home here, you can expect to pay around £730,729 for an average home. While there is no underground here, there are train links with regular trains taking you into the heart of the city and further afield. You will also find an easy bus route and it is easy to cycle into the city centre. For anyone with a young family, there are lots of schools on offer here, all of which have a rating of good or outstanding by Ofsted. There are plenty of quirky bars and pubs to choose from and there is no shortage of shops or restaurants either that cater to all. For those who like to keep active then you will find plenty of gyms and leisure centres as well as an impressive 58 parks, making it possible to enjoy the great outdoors. The crime rate in Hackney is slightly higher than the average crime rate in London.

South London

1. Greenwich

Greenwich is a hugely popular area located to the south east of London and with this comes plenty of positives. It is considered one of the top places to live in London thanks to its excellent transport links with the centre of London and other areas nearby. If you are looking to buy a home here then you can expect to pay an average price of £627,135 which puts it at the lower end of the scale when it comes to property prices. If you enjoy eating out then there is an abundance of restaurants while there is no shortage of bars and restaurants either. Furthermore, there are plenty of attractions including the O2 arena while there is also Greenwich Park to explore if you like getting outdoors. The borough has a broad choice of schools that have excellent Ofsted ratings and this covers both primary and secondary schools. As far as crime goes, it has a relatively high crime rate.

2. Brixton

If you want to be within close proximity to the centre of London then Brixton is the place to be. This makes it suitable for young professionals and those who love city living. It has a diverse range of properties available to pick from with the average price being £608,559. When it comes to living in London, you can expect good transport links and that is what you get should you move to Brixton as there are both overground and underground stations as well as bus links. There is a good choice of schools to choose from with many of them receiving an outstanding rating from Ofsted. The area boasts plenty of markets and leisure amenities including the likes of Brockwell Park and Ruskin Park. There is no shortage of restaurants either while there are bars, cafes, and shops to explore too. Crime levels in the area are considered relatively high when compared to other boroughs in London.

3. Clapham

There is no shortage of things to do when you choose Clapham as a place to live. Located in South West London, it is a place that is popular with students and young professionals. The area has good transport links to London, which makes it an exciting place to live as there is much to see and do. There are many different properties to choose from although expect to pay an average price of £938,139, making it one of London’s most expensive areas. There are 13 primary schools and secondary schools, all of which have excellent ratings and when it comes to leisure and amenities you can enjoy parks, shops, theatres, bars, and restaurants. If you are looking for a safe place to live then Clapham is one of the safer areas to live when it comes to crime.

4. Sutton

For anyone looking for suburban living then Sutton might be one of the top places to live in London. It is an attractive area for young professionals and couples as well as those starting a family. Due to the location, you can find lower house prices than other boroughs as the average price is £494,382. Again, its location means that transport links need to be spot on and they are because you can explore the city of London and further afield thanks to train, bus and motorway links. There is also an excellent choice of schools as there are more than 50 primary schools and 24 secondary schools to choose from. The high street has many shops to enjoy and when it comes to eating and drinking there are restaurants and bars to suit all. There are many green spaces to enjoy such as Rose Hill Park and leisure facilities too. Due to its location away from central areas of London, crime rates are slightly lower.

5. Putney

Should you consider Putney as a place to live then there are many positives that come with choosing this area. It enables you to live close enough to the centre of London although far enough away to enjoy suburban living. The average price of a home here is £830,265 which makes it one of the higher-priced places to live. If you like to get out and about then there are impressive transport links to explore including trains and buses that make it easy to get around London. If you purchase a home here, you will find that you have a great choice of schools including 32 primary schools and 12 secondary schools as well as further education options. You’ll have a lot of outdoor space to enjoy such as Wandsworth Park and Richmond Park along with gyms and a leisure centre. There are plenty of pubs, bars and restaurants to explore too, along with shops and cafes while the crime rate is considered to be relatively low.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Where to Live

  • Crime rate
  • House prices
  • Leisure facilities
  • Amenities
  • Schools
  • Green spaces
  • Transport links

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