How to Pack Glasses For Moving: Tips For Packing Glassware

There are different things that you will need to pack when the time comes to move. Some are more robust and durable than others but there are those items that require extra care such as glasses. When the time comes to pack your glasses for your move, you will need to make sure you wrap and protect them in the right way. Moving comes with enough challenges but when it comes to glassware, it’s important that you take the right steps to keep them intact, so when the time comes to unpack your items, you won’t have any nasty surprises.

Are you wondering how to pack glassware when moving? If so, take a look at our guide on how to pack glasses with confidence.

Learn What To Do Before You Pack

Find Quality Supplies Before Moving

If you are wondering how to pack glasses for moving, then you are going to need to start with the right materials.

The materials you are going to need to include:

  • Boxes with separate sections for individual wine glasses. This will help to keep your glasses in place when moving.
  • Bubble wrap – As glasses are fragile, you can use bubble wrap to create a protective barrier.
  • Packing paper – Soft paper will help to absorb any bumps or knocks during your move and transportation.
  • Newspaper – This can be used in between glasses and it can be placed inside glass to provide another level of protection.
  • Packing tape – Your boxes will need protection, so you will need to use packing tape to transport them safely.
  • Black Marker Pen – This will allow you to label your box so you know where it needs to go after you move.

Sort Your Glassware

By sorting your glassware, you will make life a lot easier for yourself and these are one of those tips that can make a huge difference. So, check your glasses to see if any are damaged or whether you can dispose of some as this will make it easier and quicker to pack when the time comes to move. It will also mean that there are fewer glasses to pack too.

So arrange your glassware into a collection and then set glasses aside based on size and shape. Keep wine glasses together, set tumblers into another group of glasses and make sure you pack glasses that are similar together.

Expert Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Prepare The Box

Wondering how to pack glasses to move home? You should start by making sure that you use sturdy boxes and prepare them with the following steps so they are ready to protect your glasses. Cover the bottom of the box with newspaper or paper and use a layer that gives your glasses the protection they need. This will ensure that your glasses have some form of protection should the box be dropped.

Step 2: Add Crumpled Paper or Stacked Towels To The First Layer

It’s also possible to add a layer of crumpled paper or towels to the bottom of your boxes. These will add a layer of cushioned protection for your glassware, ensuring they are protected during the move.

Step 3: Wrap 2 Glasses at a Time

Here is the best way to wrap glasses for moving: If you have glasses that are similar or identical, you can save on paper and packing materials by wrapping two in one sheet. This helps if they are the same size but once you have wrapped one glass in half of the paper, use the other half to wrap the second glass. Make sure you push the excess paper into the openings of the glass.

Step 4: Place The Glasses Into The Box

With your glasses all wrapped and protected, you can now begin placing them into your box. You should aim to pack your glasses as tightly as possible as this will ensure the items do not move. Remember, the glasses should also be tightly wrapped which means you shouldn’t be able to feel the edges of the glasses through the paper. Now you can place them into the box, ensuring that they are placed next to each other safely while ensuring they cannot move inside your boxes while moving.

Step 5: Fill Gaps In The Box

If you have placed all of your glasses into the box, then it is time to fill any gaps around those glasses. This will prevent glasses from making contact with each other when moving and it will help to protect them. You can use bubble wrap, paper or newspaper but make sure you fill the gaps tight. This is also how to store glasses when moving to keep them as safe as possible.

Step 6: Add An Extra Layer of Crumpled Paper

Now you need to do the same for the top layer of paper as you did for the first layer. You need to create a layer on top of the glasses before the box is sealed. You should aim to use the same amount of paper or towels that you used on the bottom as you do on the top. This will protect glasses from any impact from above but also if the box is turned upside down.

Step 7: Seal The Box

Before you seal the box, just give it a gentle shake from side to side. This will help you to hear if any glasses are moving or knocking against each other. If everything sounds and feels good, then you can close up the box and seal it with packing tape.

Step 8: Add Label To The Box

With the box firmly sealed, you should make sure that you label your boxes with “Fragile -Glasses”. This will ensure that your boxes are handled with care.

Conclusion and How To Keep Glassware Safe in Transit

It’s really important that you learn how to pack glasses. They are extremely fragile and you don’t want a box of broken glass when you arrive at your new home. So, if you follow our guide and take the time to wrap and pack your glasses correctly, you can have confidence that they will remain in one piece throughout the move. Then, all that’s left for you to do is unpack them and store them away in your new kitchen!

If you want to ensure that everything goes to plan, then it is time to call on the experts. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our packing & moving and services, find out how to transport glassware by watching our professionals in action and request a no-obligation quote today!


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