Commercial Removals London

Office removals London

If your company is moving - whether that be across town or abroad - K1 Removals is here to help. Our commercial removals London service is here to meet your needs and take care of your business during the moving process. We do all we can to ensure the business continuity for you and your staff. The manager of the moving team working on your account will have full knowledge of your circumstances and do all they can to make sure you have the simplest possible transition for your business. At K1 Removals we are all about putting your clients needs at the forefront of every project.

Moving offices can be difficult. There is so much that goes into a business, and when you spend so much time there, you are sure to collect a range of possessions that need to be moved. From desks to computers, there are a variety of items that need to be carefully transported to your new location. Our commercial removals London services are completely adaptable to you and your business needs, so you can trust us to do all we can to provide the perfect removals service for you.


At K1 Removals we understand that packaging things perfectly can be tricky when you don't have the experience and necessary tools. Our professional team have a range of experience in office removals so you know exactly how to handle items such as office furniture and company equipment. All of your items will be packaged in modern, environmentally friendly packing materials which are made to measure for the desired item. Our commercial removals London team use special paper for wrapping glassware and fragile equipment, which is then packed in cartons for double thickness. All furniture is wrapped in bubble wrap blankets to avoid any breakage or damages.


Our team of employees have years of experience in transporting and handling fragile items in a safe and professional manner. We have a range of modern lorries in excellent condition and various sizes, so you can trust us to get your items across to your new location in the same condition you left them. Our fantastic commercial removals London service means that we make your move easy and fuss free, always doing all we can to cater to your needs. We even offer business removals for short notice moves, adapting to suit your requirements.

Moving checklist

Moving is complicated, there are many steps that you need to ensure for a trouble free move. As commercial removals London specialists, we know all about the process of moving. Here's a handy little checklist to consider when moving:

  • Step 1: Confirm the key dates with the mover
  • Step 2: Sign and ensure you return the agreement
  • Step 3: Book your insurance at the declared value
  • Step 4: Ensure to notify clients, business partners, colleagues, friends and family, business accounts, bank accounts, and telephone/water/HP of the new address
  • Step 5: Ask the post office to re-direct any mail